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    The perfect solution for your professional search needs


    All available through the Moodagent API & in your personal dashboard

    Audio Similarity Search

    Use any of your tracks as a search term

    Automatically finding you the acoustically most similar tracks in your collection.

    Search with links from YouTube or SoundCloud

    Simply paste a link in the search bar to find the nearest matches in your collection

    We'll even remember the results, so whenever a ProSearch client searches with the same link, the matching results will appear lightning fast.

    Text search

    Search the World and find your most similar tracks

    Search your catalogue by track title or artist name. We provide matching results from within your own collection alongside results from the world outside -just like if you were searching a major streaming service.

    Upload search

    Use music to find music

    Upload a track and scan your collection for the candidates with the most similar sound & feel. We support most audio formats.

    Audition Points

    The right place to sample each of your tracks, automatically and uniquely identified

    Moodagent’s systems has automatically analysed each track and determined at what point the listener will get the best overall impression of the track. We call this the Audition Point. Each track will start playback from this point, which will assist you in quickly scanning through the
    matching tracks.

    Creative metadata

    All your tracks accurately tagged

    Moodagent automatically tags your entire collection with Mood, tempo, BPM and Audition Point. New tags are made available periodically.

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